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Manivone Nonthaveth

is a visual artist, working in various mediums including photography, painting, collage, sculpture, mixed media, installation, and more recently aspiring for a career in screenwriting and directing for film.​​​​ In 2018, she wrote, directed and produced her first short film titled, “No Place Like Diisplace”. Manivone most recently completed her second short film, "Two Frozen Turkeys & a Piñata" in 2022.


In 2004 she received a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in photography at the University of Colorado at Denver. She was born and raised in Denver, Colorado and currently resides in Brooklyn, New York working as a freelance artist and photographer. Manivone has developed an art brand called elleFANT Art that acts as an umbrella to her diverse collection of work. Manivone is continually explorative of her Laotian heritage and culture in hopes to bringing more attention and representation to her native country.

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