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There is something eerie yet fantastic about the idea of discovering a door as if a portal in the middle of a desolate desert or a crowded subway station.  The surreal doorways literally make one’s “dreams come true” allowing the audience to simultaneously have an imaginative and real experience all at once, just by walking through the threshold.  Threshold is a body of work made up of a diverse series of surreal freestanding doors and doorframes, individually designed, constructed and exhibited in a public environment intended for public participation and observation.

“Different Worlds” is a collaborative door sculpture, constructed by Taha Clayton ( and designed and painted by Manivone Nonthaveth.  This installation has one side of the door that reflects an urban landscape, weathered and saturated with color, while the other side of the door is opulent and pristine.  The idea is to allow the audience to walk through the doorway from both sides and have two contrasted experiences.  "Different Worlds" was installed for public interaction and viewing for two hours on February 18, 2013 at the five point intersection at Myrtle Avenue & Broadway in Bushwick, Brooklyn.

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